Step 7: Storage containers for staples


Recycling is not about throwing rubbish into the right recycling containers ( a common misconception in Spain!) but about re-using whatever you have so that you don’t end up throwing anything away, to either be remade in polluting and or energetic ways or to fill landfills. I keep all my dry staples either in shop bought glass jars I bought years and years ago or, reuse jars of items like tomatoes, pesto and cooked legumes that I buy from time to time. You can see that plastic and I have no kinship 😉 and ergo storage doesn’t have to be in plastic containers.


I have seen stainless steel storage containers as well as ceramic, wooden or bamboo ones. The glass, ceramic and metal ones have the added advantage of being useful to store liquids like oil/ vinegar/ milk/soup/water/juices etc in. My fridge fair pops with these 😀

A word of warning re aluminium storage containers – they are best to avoid or you can make sure they are lined in food grade material. When in doubt, AVOID!

I find it convenient to wash and dry herbs and put them in mason/glass jars lined with a cloth, in the fridge. Ginger/ chilli/ onion and garlic go in glass jars too and stay fresh for long like this. In fact, I have a wooden crate full of glass jars and bottles of different sizes to store food items like feta cheese, sauces, vegetable milks and soups as well as the personal hygiene items I make (future posts, I promise!). Believe me, they are VERY handy! I even store food items in glass jars in the freezer and they work pretty well ( make sure to leave some space in every jar, for the moisture to expand in as it freezes). Glass especially mason jars are also so brilliant to store food in, for long term, like sauces, tomatoes, jams, soups etc.

So, let’s live sustainably and re-use what we have!

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