Step 3: Make a list


This is a hard step so before you get here, lemme tell you the most important thing about Going Green: Your aim is not perfection, but to do as much as practically possible. Even if you make a change like saying no to plastic bags, that is already a HUGE change which will  make a difference. So relax and don’t get too worried if there are things which are unchangeable. The situation is also harder when you have kids like I do – I buy organic cow milk in tetra bricks for them and a porridge I love that comes in a plastic hidden by a paper box and you know what? That’s ok because I know that everything else is either sustainable, non plastic wrapped or made by me.

So, once more, the mantra here is Try Your Best. 10%? That’s better than zero. 20%? Great. 50% Way to go! 75% Magnificent. 100% You are my Hero!!!

So, what to do now, while repeating this mantra? Make a list of all the items you use which are in plastic bags/bottles/ containers. You can organise this list either by rooms – kitchen; bathroom; bedroom etc or by items – up to you.

Repeat the mantra and take a deep breath.

With time, this list will serve for you to find greener replacements of all items you consider and know, are not green for you and or the planet. And think of how fun to tick off items!

Next step coming up!