Step 2: Go Organic d: Fish


Fish is a dicey subject- On the one hand, fish and other seafoods can provide an abundant source of omega-3 fatty acids and proteins. On the other hand, with heavy metals threatening the food chain, it is hard to keep track of which seafood still offer nutritional value without the associated health risks.

From one of my favourite webs, Here is a good post on the ins and outs of fish.

Many health webs and individuals tout wild over farmed fish but, do you know where that fish has been or what it has eaten? What if it was near where a nuclear explosion has happened like in Fukushima? Would you still eat such a fish? And nowadays it seems that many juvenile fish are eating plastic pellets in rivers and seas from our beauty products – would you eat this fish?

Choice is yours. Apart from fresh fish, I stick to organic bonito in glass jars ( which I wash and reuse) though sparingly as it ain’t cheap. A few times a month, I go feral and will have a tin of canned tuna to make myself some tuna mayo – I do reuse the tin too and will tell you how in a future post.