How to remove pesky labels and glue from jars


I like to recycle ie reuse ALL my glass jars when I do buy stuff in glass. But how to remove those pesky labels? A good soak in hot water or hot water and soap helps but in most cases, the glue/gum remains on the glass, doesn’t it? Grrrrr. Nail varnish remover and paint thinner are two VERY unecological ways to do away with the labels – banish the thought! (Can you imagine this chemical gunk going down our drains, into the sewers and eventually into the oFullSizeRender-2ceans?). So I tried salt, thinking that its abrasive nature would help AND, it does to some extent but not enough for that perfect and clean glassy look. So I thought about using the ash I harvest from my barbecues (I actually sieve the leftover coals once they have cooled- is that crazy?) and guess what? Ash and wire wool work wonders and within seconds, the toughest glue/gum comes off without a scratch on the glass! Hallelujah!

If you don’t have recourse to ash, salt will have to do. Scrub away!

I have come up with my own pretty labels to affix to these jars, for the freezer or fridge or plain storage or to fill with oils or as wax or..but I digress.

UPDATE: A word to the wise: a lot of labels are now stickers so, before wetting them or steaming/boiling/grating etc, why not try peeling them off? Believe me, it makes the job a whole lot easier!

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