Step 2: Go Organic a: Veggies


There are no two ways about it – you have to go organic. Since I first went organic in the 90’s, prices have come down unbelievably. Needless to say, the more the demand, the more the supply. And though tis true that fruit and vegetable don’t LOOK as good, they certainly taste better. And I celebrate some bugs in my veg and fruit, especially live ones for it shows that my edibles are not immersed in a toxic sludge of chemicals. Nothing wrong with a few teeny bugs, c’mon!

There are many adherents for and many people against organic, the latter citing price, it being a scam etc. Say what you will, people, but I refuse to buy fruit and veg which stay without rotting for weeks, some with a patina of wax and most with a patina of chemicals from pesticides etc. Here is a website about pesticides in our food and a risk (Jesus!) guide. And Here is just one of several articles which shows how organic food benefits outweigh conventional.

After many months of trial and research, I found that what suits my lifestyle best is a weekly organic box. If not delivered, I need it to be from a place fairly nearby as I don’t own a car and the idea of lugging this weight from far away is just not practical. I pay 20 Euros for a box which ranges from 8-9 kilos, of assorted fruit and veg. They always add some organic eggs / dried pulses or a tetra brick of an organic vegetable milk. And to top it, the owners are not just warm and friendly but, the shop has a beautiful array of inspiring vegetables for that occasional top up 🙂 Plus I love to be surprised as the fruit and veg vary as per availability and season.