Step 2: Go Organic b: Meat and Eggs


I must admit, organic meat and poultry is expensive. GULP. But luckily, I am not a huge carnivore and prefer to subsist mainly on eggs, pulses, soya, seitan etc but that is another post…

My personal choices apart, organic meat and poultry are, if you are a carnivore, the only way to go. In a twisted way, due to the high prices, one is insured in eating less of these which, study after study has shown to be harmful anyways as  cholesterol, fat (especially saturated fat), and animal protein are the major culprits that are associated with higher risks of heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers. This web very clearly shows ALL the benefits of eating organic meat and poultry.

I love how all the websites that decry non organic meat, talk mainly about the harm of meat IN GENERAL, not about the harmfulness of organic meat in particular. Check this one that makes me shrug – who on earth thinks that organic meat is a HEALTH FOOD? Sure, it is a fount of necessary protein but health food? lol