Step 8: Bye Bye Aluminium foil & plastic film


:-O Am I serious? How could I say that about two of the cornerstones not just of storage but of baking/roasting? Waaaaaaaa, you go. Cry as much as you like but ’tis best to forego these two.

Why, you ask, why are you being so perverse? Well, in case you are not much into reading scientific papers, this is the very readable article (written by the lead scientist) on the research done into aluminium leaching into food as it is cooked. For those of you who love research papers, here is the original research which came out in 2012! Seems the media forgot to inform you…..tis obvious that measuring the size of a Kardashian bum was more important (eye rolling).

Re plastic film….I think you have already got my drift about plastic in general, right? From the way it is manufactured and the products used to manufacture it (see next post!), how these products leach into our food and finally, how this material is now polluting our natural habitats, I feel there is nothing more to say.

So, what do we do now? How do we bake, roast, store and do all the marvellous things these 2 materials afford us? You will be happy to know that alternatives do exist 😀

FullSizeRender-2Have you heard of baking paper? It works brilliantly to either put at the bottom of your roasting trays or over whatever you are roasting. I tend to oil my roasting trays really well or use ceramic/metal trays which don’t really need lining, just a bit of elbow grease. Another thing I do is to put bacon over tender chicken breasts or roasting meats, which also beats having to use paper ( or aluminium foil). Voila, problem solved.

Now…how about storing our foods in the fridge, without foil or film- “Is this possible” you asked in hushed tones? Apart from the stainless steel and glass storage containers (see previous post), here are some more ideas:


Leftover food items can be stored in ceramic bowls with a plate as a lid in case you don’t have glass/stainless steel storage containers or have run out. I cover the yoghurt I make with denim lids from trousers that I hemmed (yay, being short has its uses). Kitchen towels work well as covers of food items too.

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